Trial Car Seat Service

About our Trial Car Seat Service

If you are not sure which car seat would suit or you would like to see the car seat in person and demo it in your car before you buy then our Trial service will help!! We have Demo Models of our most popular seats that you can order and we will arrange the courier delivery and pickup.

The length of time for the Trial Car Seat service is 3 days (including weekends) after the delivery of the Demo Model. This will allow you to see the car seat in person, see how your child fits in the car seat and how the car seat fits in your vehicle(s).

Upon return of the Demo Model, for customers purchasing the seat a NEW car seat is couriered FREE to the customer. For customers with no further purchase, the cost of the Trial Car Seat service minus the service charge of €25 is refunded.

Link to our Demo Model Car Seat Collection

See more details below and contact us for more information or to arrange!

Trial Car Seat Service Terms & Conditions

As per our Returns & Refunds Policy we do not accept returns of new car seats. This ensures that our high standards of quality are met for each customer and that the integrity of the car seat(s) is maintained.  We accept returns of the Demo Model as these are for demonstration use only and are not for use or for sale.

By purchasing the Trial Car Seat service you agree to abide by the Terms & Conditions of the service as outlined here.

The Demo Model car seat remains the property of Rear Facing.

Customer should retain the original boxes and packaging and return all parts of the Demo Model car seat in the original condition to Rear Facing.


Charges for missing parts or damage to the Demo Model car seat; will be charged in the event that this occurs.

Charge for each day that Demo Model car seat is not returned after allocated working day return date is €10 per day (not excluding weekends).

Non Return

In the event that the Demo Model is not returned to within a week of the allocated return date then the full cost of the Trial Car Seat service (including the service charge) will not be refunded.

Customer Responsibility

The Customer assumes full responsibility for the Demo Model car seat from receipt of the Demo Model car seat until Demo Model car seat is returned to Rear Facing. The Customer is responsible for the safe keeping of the Demo Model and is liable for any loss or damage caused to the Demo Model for the duration of the Trial Car Seat service. The Customer must take all necessary steps to retain possession and control of the Demo Model and in the event of losing possession or control the full cost of the Trial Car Seat service will be charged to the Customer. The Demo Model is not to be used, given, hired, re-hired or sub-hired to any third party or parties.

Rear Facing states that the Demo Models are for demonstration purposes only. Therefore Rear Facing shall be under no liability for any loss or damage however arising, resulting from the use of the Demo Model, and the Customer shall indemnify Rear Facing in respect of any claim by a Third Party for loss or damage resulting as aforesaid.


These conditions shall be construed in accordance with and governed by Irish Law.