What is the difference between Axkid Minikid 4 and Axkid Movekid?

When it comes to child safety in cars, Axkid Minikid has been a trusted name for over 10 years, providing parents with innovative and secure car seats. The new Axkid Movekid is based on the Minikid platform, and we have now two exceptional offerings – both built on the same solid foundation of safety and quality. In this blog post, we’ll explore what these two car seats have in common before diving into the key differences that set them apart.

Common features of Axkid Movekid and Axkid Minikid 4
First and foremost, both car seats are designed with a sturdy shell and incorporate advanced safety features. These features provide a robust level of protection, ensuring that your child is secure during travel.

One standout feature shared by both the Axkid Movekid and the Axkid Minikid 4 is their dedication to extended rear-facing. This means your child can travel in a rear-facing position for an extended period, which is known to offer up to five times more protection for their neck and spine in case of an accident.

Both car seats proudly hold the Swedish Plus Test certification, a rigorous evaluation that confirms their exceptional frontal impact protection. This certification is a testament to Axkid’s commitment to comprehensive safeguarding for your child.

In summary, the Axkid Movekid and the Axkid Minikid 4 both uphold Axkid’s unwavering commitment to supreme safety in child car seats. While each model offers unique features, rest assured that choosing either seat will provide reliable protection for your child on every journey.

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Now, let’s dive into the key differences between the Axkid Movekid and the Axkid Minikid 4.

The headrest:
When it comes to headrest technology, both the Axkid Movekid and the Axkid Minikid 4 offer user-friendly adjustments to cater to your child’s comfort and safety needs, it is specially designed to accommodate growing children.

  • Axkid Minikid 4 features dynamic headrest technology which means the headrest automatically adjusts to your child’s length and size, making it an ideal and secure fit every time. If you prefer to use the fixed positions of the headrest instead, the Axkid Minikid 4 comes with 14 fixed headrest positions.
  • Axkid Movekid, on the other hand, offers 13 fixed headrest positions that can simply be adjusted in a one-hand movement.

Both the Axkid Movekid and the Axkid Minikid 4 are designed with an easy installation system that simplifies the process for parents. They both offer a guided 6-step installation procedure to ensure that the setup is done correctly and securely.

Now, when it comes to the specific installation methods:

  • Axkid Minikid 4 stands out with its automatic lower tether system, which makes installation effortless. With a simple wiggle, you can easily secure the seat in place, allowing for a quicker installation.
  • Axkid Movekid, requires manual installation of the lower tether. With no compromise on security, the tether strap will be manually secured into place.

Recline options:
Both the Axkid Movekid and the Axkid Minikid 4 offer versatile recline options designed with your child’s comfort and safety in mind. However, always aim to maintain an upright seating position for enhanced safety during travel.

  • Axkid Minikid 4 offers three recline positions, allowing you to find the perfect position for your child’s comfort.
  • Axkid Movekid has two recline positions, to secure the most comfortable position in the car.

The recline of the car seat also depends on your vehicle’s seat design. So, if more recline is needed you can always add the Axkid Angle Adjusting Wedge. Fits both the Axkid Movekid and Axkid Minikid 4.

Textile and Finish:
In the realm of textile and finish, both the Axkid Movekid and the Axkid Minikid 4 prioritise your child’s comfort and the aesthetics of the car seat. Let’s delve into the details of how they achieve this balance.

  • Axkid Minikid 4 boasts a premium feel with intricate details in its textile and finish, enhancing the overall aesthetic.
  • Axkid Movekid maintains a durable design without compromising on comfort or safety.

In summary, both Axkid Movekid and Axkid Minikid 4 prioritise child safety and comfort with extended rear-facing capabilities and a growing headrest. While they share many common features, the differences lie in the headrest technology, installation process, recline options and textiles. Ultimately, the choice between the two depends on specific needs and preferences, with Axkid Movekid offering a safe and secure option and Axkid Minikid 4 providing a premium experience with additional features and design details.

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