Difference comparison between Axkid Minikid and Axkid Move

Due to the popularity of Axkid car seats this is a question we get asked all the time so in this blog post we will describe in detail how the Axkid Minikid and Axkid Move Children's 25kg Rear Facing car seats are similar and different!

Both the Axkid Minikid and Axkid Move car seats are Swedish Plus Tested and have the ASIP (Axkid Side Impact Protection).

The Swedish Plus Test is one of the hardest tests to pass and unlike the standard car seat crash tests, it is voluntary. Plus Tested car seats ensure that your child is not exposed to exposed to excessive head and neck load forces during a frontal collision. The Plus Test has such strict requirements that forward facing child car seats would not be able to comply with them.

Size wise the Axkid Minikid and Axkid Move have similar car seat shells. For both seats the weight limit is 25kg (approx age 6) and the height limit of 125cm is a guide as children have different torso heights. There is no lower weight limit for the Minikid, the Move has a 9kg lower weight limit: see our description below for more information.

The Axkid Minikid has two additional features: automatically adjusting harness / headrest which allows the harness and headrest to be at the correct position each time a child uses the Minikid, just by pulling the 5 point harness strap. This is a unique feature of the Minikid and is also useful if more than one child needs to use the car seat at different times.The second is the self-tightening Minikid tether straps that tension automatically allowing you to install it with ease also.

As a cheaper alternative to the Minikid, the Move has all the safety of a Minkid (Swedish Plus Tested with ASIP), similar car seat shell, up to 4 recline options and is a fantastic car seat also plus a great option for a second car seat.

Features Axkid Minikid Axkid Move

Weight / Height Limit

0 -25 kg (Approx to age 6).

Axkid recommends that a child is 6 months and sitting independently to fit the Minikid. The harness straps should be level with shoulders or headrest touching shoulders.

9 - 25 kg (Approx to age 6).

Axkid recommends that a child is 6 months and sitting independently and 9kg or above to fit the Move. The harness straps should be as close to level with shoulders as possible.

Swedish Plus Tested



Axkid Side Impact Protection



Recline Positions

5 recline positions (you can also use the Axkid Wedge for additional recline)

2 recline positions (options to use the Axkid Wedge for 2 other recline positions)

Tether Straps

Self-tightening when installing by pressing down on sides of the Minikid.

Manually tighten when installing by pulling the tether straps tight.

Headrest and Harness Straps

Internal harness and headrest that automatically adjusts to your child’s length and size by pulling the 5 point harness straps: unique feature of the Minikid.

Three headrest and harness height positions: manually adjust as a child grows.

Headrest positions

Headrest can also be fixed in 7 different positions with headrest brake

Headrest positions: 3

Infant Insert Cushion


Not included


Car 3 point seat belt, support leg and lower tether straps

Car 3 point seat belt, support leg and lower tether straps





Width: 44 cm Height: 62 cm Depth: 56 cm

Width: 44 cm Height: 61 cm Depth: 56 cm


Minikid cover has additional padding for extra comfort. Machine washable at 30°.

Machine washable at 30°




Axkid Minikid Features
Axkid Move Features

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