BeSafe iZi Turn i-Size Spin Car Seat Features

BeSafe iZi Turn i-Size spin car seat from 6 months to 105cm (approx age 4).
BeSafe Universal Level Technology™ is fantastic for cars that have sloped back seats and cars where the isofix points are at a low angle. It allows you to install horizontally no matter the vehicle seat angle and the 45 degrees car seat recline angle is optimal for newborns.You also get the high BeSafe quality and the features below:
> Dynamic Force Absorber™ headrest is made of special materials and a construction of different flex-zones, which optimally absorb forces in a side impact through bending in the inner area while staying more rigid in the outer areas.
> Two-Fit Cushions: Made of soft yet supportive materials these give smaller children extra cushioning and stability when they start using this toddler seat. By being made of two parts, they can be taken out separately as the child grows older, allowing you to adjust the sitting and belt position in the iZi Turn i-Size perfectly to your child. 
> ADAC safety score of 1.5 (very good category)

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