Axkid One Car Seat: One Car Seat from Birth to Age 7

With Axkid One, you only need one car seat through the whole rear facing period for your child as it is approved up to approx. 7 years of age (125cm / 23kg).

The Axkid One+ is suitable from birth and the Axkid One is suitable from 61 cm to 125cm (approx. 6 months to 6 - 7 years old).

Winner of Baby product of the year Sweden 2020, Mother & Baby Awards 2020 UK, Best Premium choice 2020 and the Red Dot Award 2021.

If you want a multiple award winning car seat with the highest safety, quality, comfort and quick isofix installation and not have to worry about what car seat to buy in the future then the Axkid One is the one. We think it would make a perfect option as a new baby present for grandparents, godparents etc. also.

Axkid ONE – the safest car seat they ever built.

This Axkid claim is based on three proven facts:
1. Rear-facing car seats are 5 times safer than forward-facing. The rear-facing car seat distributes the crash forces more evenly and protects you child’s neck from serious injuries.

2. It is Plus Test approved, which means the Axkid ONE has passed one of the toughest crash tests in the world. Axkid ONE is the only car seat with ISOFIX and the height limit of 125cm ever to pass the Plus Test.

3. Correct installation with ISOFIX. The i-Size regulation emphasises easy and secure installation with ISOFIX. Before Axkid ONE, most ISOFIX car seats were only approved up to 105cm and 18kg (approx. 4 years). Axkid ONE is now the first and only i-Size car seat in the world approved up to 125cm and 23kg (7 years). With Axkid ONE, extended rear-facing is easier than ever before.

Easy Installation - of child
Getting your child in and out of their car seat is something you are doing everyday and therefore you need something that is easy!

The Axkid ONE is mounted on rails allowing the seat to be adjusted back and forth up to 30 cm with just one hand. This unique feature solves the past drawbacks with rear-facing seats. It is now easier than ever to load your child into the seat as the angle is wider. For older children the safety frame can also act as a handle so they easily can climb in and out themselves.

Easy and Secure Installation of Seat - less than 30 seconds

These pictures show how the ONE car seat adapts to children's height and size as they grow.

Axkid One Child Car Seat

To view in detail click below:

Axkid One Tar Black:

Axkid One Child Car Seat

Axkid One Granite:

Axkid One Child Car Seat Granite

Axkid One + Plus from Birth:

Axkid One + Plus Child Car Seat

Here at we provide virtual installation support, courier delivery is included. Just contact us is if you are not sure what car seat will suit your child, vehicles and family needs..we will be more than happy to help!

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