About Us

Established in 2018 and based in Ballybunion Co. Kerry, Rear Facing is Ireland's only dedicated rear facing company, providing comprehensive information on Rear Facing and sales of Rear Facing and ERF (Extended Rear Facing) children's car seats. Rear Facing was set up to increase awareness of extended rear facing (ERF) in Ireland.

Welcome to Rearfacing.ie, I am Winnie and as a parent of two boys I first became aware of extended rear facing (ERF) after conducting research into car seats when my first son was due to move from his baby capsule/carrier into a larger car seat. Seeing the safety benefits I purchased an ERF car seat for my first son and have continued to utilise ERF seats for both my children, with my almost 5 year old still rear facing.

As a result I became an advocate for rear facing and I wished to contribute to rear facing in Ireland by establishing a business that is a dedicated rear facing child car seat company.

Rearfacing.ie aims to provide broad information on rear facing to allow Irish parents / grandparents / guardians / child care staff etc. to become informed about ERF, by presenting the research and through answering your questions.

The Rear Facing website (www.rearfacing.ie) will also provide online sales of rear facing and extended rear facing seats and comprehensive information on these car seats. Consultation support will enable Irish parents / grandparents / guardians / child care staff etc. to make more informed decisions on the features/benefits and the best options for their vehicles/number of children travelling in their vehicles/usage/preferences etc.

Rearfacing.ie is based in Ballybunion, Co. Kerry and will provide free consultation prior to purchase, installation support and customer service after the purchase of your seat. Click here to contact us. 

At Rearfacing.ie we have carefully selected a free courier service to ensure the integrity of the delivered car seats outside of our personal installation service radius. We do this because delivery of car seats internationally and through An Post increases the risk of damage to the car seat, especially unseen internal damage and we want to avoid an extreme safety risk to the child occupying the seat.

The brands that are available on Rearfacing.ie have been chosen foremost for their safety and quality standards in design, testing and manufacturing and also based on my experience of these seats as an end-user.

IOSH (Institution of Occupational Safety and Health) Child Car Seat Safety Certified Training completed and Car Seat Brands training has been completed for car seat installation and usability in terms of features, vehicle compatibility, user requirements etc.