Joie Tilt: recommended use by Joie UK

This is the response we received from Joie UK on 11/03/22 in response to when the Joie Tilt is outgrown:

To clarify the Joie Tilt's usage period has not been changed, the product continues as an ECE R44.04 certified weight-based product, with 18kgs maximum occupant capacity in both forward and rearward installations for an approximate age guide of 4 years.
To cover all installation scenarios and maximise occupant safety, best practice is to use the Joie Tilt until the child's head reaches level with the top of the seat shell. This said continued use up to 18kgs rearward facing when the visual marker of the child's head exceeds the top of the seat shell is dependent on the specific vehicle installation and set up of variables within the cabin space (Angle of installation / Front seat position / proximity of dashboard etc.)
For a minimum standardised requirement, we would state the distance of the closest object in front of the Tilt as per ECE R44.04 testing is 700mm (70cm) see image attached.
Users will need to ensure there is sufficient space between the back of the vehicle seat and the front of the child seat (70cm, as per image) to allow them to continue to use with the child's head above the shell (maximum head height eyes/ear tips level). 

The maximum height limit of the child's head above the seat shell is when the eyes/tips of ears are level with the top of the shell and the 70cm cabin space is available whether rear or forward facing. 

Joie UK Joie Tilt 70cm Gap Logo

If the 70cm distance is not available and the vehicle's seats cannot be adjusted to provide the 70cm distance required then the child's head should NOT exceed the top of the shell. 

For any queries on the Joie Tilt you can contact us here or alternatively contact the retailer you purchased your Joie Tilt from.