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Nachfolger HY5 2020 Inflatable Car Seat Rearfacing.ie
Nachfolger HY5 2020 Inflatable Car Seat Rearfacing.ie
Nachfolger HY5 2020 Inflatable Car Seat Rearfacing.ie
Nachfolger HY5 Rear Facing Inflatable Car Seat Carry Bag Rearfacing.ie
Nachfolger HY5 Rear Facing Inflatable Car Seat Pump Rearfacing.ie

Nachfolger HY5.1 TT City | 18kg Rear Facing Inflatable Car Seat

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(Note: We can facilitate separate payment for people purchasing for group use.)

HyFiveOne TT – City is perfect for urban families, driving a lot in the city. It is the first foldable & ultralight child seat for everyday use, which is quickly assembled and installed in any car.

The Nachfolger HY5 is a real innovation in the child car seat market. This rear facing child car seat is ultra light and safe at the same time. In contrast to conventional child seats, the HY5 weighs only 5kg! It can be folded small, easily changed between two cars, taken on trips and used in taxis, car rentals, car sharing and airplane travel. The inflatable child seat is a real trendsetter for modern families who travel a lot!

Now you can use the Nachfolger HY5 on board an aircraft!! TÜV Rheinland and Luftfahrtbundesamt have approved the use on board with Travelkit + (which is available from the beginning of April: includes belt shortener).

From 0 - 18kg rear facing only.

Newborn inlay available for use up to 6 months.

Evolution Air

The Side-Air-Suspension system fills ups automatically with the included Highend accu pump in just a few minutes. The intelligent two-colour LED warning system indicates ready-to-use and sends signals when the pressure drops below the requires system pressure. As the HY5 has a standardised valve you can also fill up at petrol stations.

With the quick release button, the seat can be folded down again quickly through the patented folding mechanism. It comes with a carry bag which also transforms into a seat protector with tablet holder.


The HY5 is certified under UNECE R44 and meets ADAC's high standards as well as those of the "Siftung Warrentest" and has passed countless tests in both Europe and Asia. In addition, the child car seats were tested for temperature changes, pressure loss and behavior with foreign bodies. The results were outstanding: the HY5 proved in the tests that it is extremely stable, but at the same time yielding and energy-absorbing. The seat acts as a protective airbag, providing perfect protection for your child.

  • Reduced travel weight of only 4.6kg
  • Compact, space-saving shape (5cm shorter than HY5)
  • Can only be used with Top Tether strap
  • Patented folding mechanism (airplane cabin size)
  • Including a bag that is also the cover and seat protector
  • Including a mobile pump and USB charging cable (worldwide standard!)
  • NEW – Easier to use due to shorter inflation time
  • NEW – Higher safety due to an improved Air Control System 
  • Installation with 3 point seat belt and top tether point. The HY5 can also be installed in the front passenger seat and the airbag must be switched off (The top tether point is not required when installing in the front passenger seat as the front dash takes over this function. The HY5 must be positioned as close as possible to the dashboard so that it rests on the dashboard)
  • Easy to understand installation in the vehicle.
  • Uncomplicated buckling of the child by means of three-way belt system.
  • Individually height-adjustable headrest with integrated neck roll. The height adjustment is infinitely variable and thus allows your child the best possible protection and comfort. Headrest must be positioned with two fingers width between the child's shoulder and the headrest. Pull the headrest upwards at the top and guide it to the desired position.
  • Two belt positions for small and large children.
  • Covers are quick to remove and washable.